Cooking with a Good Attitude

Making a Strawberry Dessert in the Kitchen

Treat cooking as though it is a form of entertainment and not a chore. When you are in the kitchen cooking, this is your time to play around and amuse yourself. This is a place where you can actually have fun. Don’t take it too seriously. You can even invite some of your friends over and let cooking be a part of the activities for their visit. Not only will you have good company while you play in the kitchen but you will also learn from one another. Ask your guests about all the cooking tips and tricks that they know and share with them what you know. This exchange of ideas is not only educational but it helps get the conversation going.

Take some videos or pictures while you are having fun in the kitchen. You can do this with the family or even if you are alone. This is another way to make it memorable and to have a keepsake to show for your efforts, regardless of the results. And if your kids or spouse are participating, have them get in on video and picture action while you are cooking. Then when it’s all said and done you can take some of the pictures and videos and share them with your friends and family online.

It’s always fun to buy yourself a new toy. This is especially true when it comes to kitchen gadgets and cooking utensils. Whether it’s high-powered food processor, an ice cream maker, a chef’s knife set, or any of the many other kitchen products you can find in stores; once you get it, you can’t wait to get it home and give it a try. These tools of the kitchen are meant to make your cooking experience easier and more care free. They take a lot of the tedious work out of your hands so you can focus on the more creative side of the cooking process. To make your cooking experience more enjoyable, it is advisable to acquire some of these tools. Then you don’t have to worry about the more laborious tasks of cooking and you can enjoy the process even more.

Don’t be afraid to try new things in the kitchen. Experimenting can sometimes yield some surprisingly tasty results. So be creative and adventurous when cooking. Take a look inside your refrigerator and pantry. See what you have in your spice cabinet. Do some taste testing and smell the aromas of the spices and ingredients that catch your interest. Then imagine how you can use those flavors. Use your instincts. If it smells good or tastes good and you think it might make a good combination, give it a try. If doesn’t turn out to be as good as you hoped, no harm done. Just move on and experiment again with something else the next time.

Cooking can be very rewarding if you try to always have a positive outlook about it. Yes it can get kind of boring when cooking becomes a daily routine. But ask yourself this question. Why you are cooking? Remember you are doing this for yourself and also for your family. Think about how you and your family will smile with delight while enjoying the food you cook. Even if you food doesn’t taste the greatest, the fact that you work hard to prepare the meals everyday won’t go unnoticed. Doing this shows how much you care. And beware of cooking while you are in a bad mood. That negativity will be reflected in the food you prepare. So stay positive and everything will turn out fine.

Last but not least. The easiest way to enjoy cooking is the simplest. When it’s all said and done and the cooking part is over. Eat what you have prepared. It doesn’t matter whether you are alone or sharing with family or a group of friends. Take time to savor the flavors you have created. And just because the cooking process is over, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still some room for creativity. Sample all the elements you have created individually, then mixed them all together or try them in different combinations. Have fun with the meal you have created. Whoever said that it’s not right to play with your food clearly didn’t know how to cook!


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