Five Ways To Save Money By Cooking For Yourself

We all know the temptations of the local diner, the 24/7 open door to getting sconed into oblivion. But let’s consider your bank statement for a second. Are you going to be surprised when almost fifty percent of your funds go to eating out? Chances are you could be using your money for something better. Not only can you cook better at home, you fill find it infinitesimally easier on your wallet.

Need Something Quick

Prepare meals the night before. A Lot of the time, we get caught up in the morning, and forget to make lunch for work. One can always prepare a salad, for instance, in a cheap reusable mason jar, and it will store fresher for longer. Now you won’t get stuck at work with no food options aside from the local gas station. You’ll find this much more nutritious, and tasty!

Eat Less Meat

We mentioned salad above, but this is where the savings come in. Consider eating less meat, not only for your health either. Studies show that the meat industry will see nearly 10% price increase in the next few years, and you can save by learning to cook without it. There are more resources online than you could imagine that will help one start a healthy vegetarian diet. But even if you don’t go full on freegan vegan, you should consider eating meat only a few times a week.

Grow Some Food

Let’s get a little extreme for a second, let’s say you need really want to make an investment into your food future. Try gardening, it’s the classic (by about 90,000 years) way of getting food easy. If you plan right, you could end up with a wide array of vegetables that fill go perfectly with your salad. If you only have minute space in your yard, you can still grow out of a small garden box and quarter the space for several kinds of plants. If you live in an apartment, there’s still hope for you.

Use a Crock Pot

If you’re thinking of cooking a chicken breast up for lunch the next day, don’t wait ‘til the morning of to pan fry it up. Throw it in the crock pot overnight; set it on warm with some salsa and beans and corn. When you wake up you’ll be greeted by amazing smell and you’ll have a variety of options for lunch. Try grabbing a few tortillas, some cheese, and making fresh enchiladas, no oil bath needed. You’ll be thanking yourself for investing some time into your lunch, and you’ll definitely have some leftover if done right!

If you’ve got a debt problem, and you wanna save cash, I suggest following these steps. You can talk to your friends and learn and share more secrets too.  Sometimes getting by is difficult, and that is understandable to, but you’ll want to work out a plan and act on it. Maybe you should consider negotiating your debt too, and in that case you’ll want to do some research. When you do get yourself out of debt take notice of your practices and consider what has worked and what hasn’t, I’m sure you’ll be surprised that at least one of these tips has helped!

Frank McCourt holds a degree in economics.  Since graduating he has working a variety of financial settings.  When not working you can find Frank watching B-rate sci-fi tv shows and pretending he knows a lot more about wine than he really does.


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