Lamb, also known as hogget and mutton, is the meat of domestic sheep. Meat from sheep features prominently in several cuisines of the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Middle East, Europe and in the shepherding areas of the Western United States. In Australia, the leg of lamb roast is considered the national dish.

Kilawing Kambing (Roasted Goat in Vinegar)

Kilawing Kambing (Roasted Goat in Vinegar and Ginger)

This is Kilawing Kambing (Roasted Goat in Vinegar)>. Kilawing Kambing is roasted goat combined with a vinegar/citrus sauce soaking with ginger, onion and sometimes other meats and vegetables. Some of the more popular versions of this dish are made with raw fish or other grilled meats. In this instance we substitute raw fish with grilled […]

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