Wok This Way

Wok this way

There are plenty of different pans for you to use to cook, so why then do you need a wok? A wok provides lots of flexible cooking options, for one, especially if you pick the right pot, including size and material.

But before you dive into a bunch of brand-new wok recipes, you must season your pan. There are six simple but essential steps, which will help your pot be useful over the years. In addition, a few cooking tips, such as the right kind of oil and utensils, provide a better match for the wok than others might.

Once you’ve found the right wok, seasoned it, and assembled your tools, then the next step is to cook up some great recipes. In the wok, you can cook everything from classic Asian-inspired dishes to Carribean-inspired dishes, noodle or rice options, and more. This graphic offers start-to-recipe steps to help in your wok cooking journey.

Source: PartSelect.com


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