The Top Fish and Wine Pairings

Food and wine pairings for eating

Getting the right wine to go with fish can be a precarious business and if you get it slightly wrong it can ruin your whole meal. Luckily Gourmet Society have got you covered and have paired 6 types of fish with their respective wines, they are:

  • Salmon – Salmon is a richer and fattier in flavour than most other fish and therefore it needs a more developed wine to bring out the best of it. The best wines to with this are Pinot Gris, Pinto Noir and Burgundy.
  • Mild flavoured fish – For a more mild flavoured fish is it best to have a light wine accompaniment to it such as a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Full flavour fish – When you have a strong and full flavoured fish it is best to give it full flavoured wine that will bring out all the fishes’ best attributes, such as a dry Rose and Grenache Blanc.
  • Oysters – Oysters can be a tricky food to find the perfect pairing due to its briny nature, but a nice crisp wine such as champagne will go really well.
  • Lobster – Lobster is an extremely rich and flavoursome food and therefore it deserves a wine that is going to match it in the richness department. Therefore accompanying it with Vouvray or Corton-Charlemagne is perfect.
  • Crab – Crab is the ideal light starter to your dining experience and therefore you should accompany it with light and dry wines to match. I recommend a Vinho Verde or a Riesling white wine.

If you’re looking for wines to go with more than just fish then have a look through Gourmet Society’s Infographic that details pairings for everything from beef to Pasta.

Originally published by UK dining club, The Gourmet Society.

Top Fish and Wine Pairings
Top Fish and Wine Pairings


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