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We are proud to present to the world the latest place to discover authentic and delicious Filipino cuisine.' More than a year has passed since this project began behind the scenes. Not to mention the lifetime of time spent in the kitchen by those who have contributed to this website’s creation. We all are thrilled to finally be closing the development chapter of this project and really begin to share our knowledge with the world.' This website has been a long time coming for the founders, contributors, and developers.

In the coming months and years we have so much to share with you all. Such as Recipes, Pictures, Articles, Tips & Techniques, Culinary news and so much more. We have so much content to share we simply cannot release it all at once or else it would all get buried among the multitude of posts would be created. So we are going to take it slow at first but as time goes on will present more and more new content at a faster pace.' In addition we already have plans in place to begin video production for our recipes and short feature videos. We will start working on that in coming months as things settle following the launch of the new website.

Now we would like to introduce to you a few of the features of FilipinoChow.com. The primary area of focus for what we will be presenting on our website will originate in the Recipes and Articles sections, which are linked to in the main navigation' at the top of the website' next to the Home link. On the home page of our website we will highlight some areas of interest in the promotional banner that appears at the top of the content area. Below that is a link bar that will also direct you to some areas of interest in the website, and further below that will be the featured post which will rotate periodically according to the change in season and as new content worthy of special attention becomes available.

One of the more innovative features we offer is the ability to use your Facebook account to login to our website. This way you don’t have to worry about going through the whole registration process if you want to login to chat or to access some of our members only features (which are currently in development). Using your Facebook account to login makes it as simple as clicking a few times and you are in. It’s that simple as long as you are already logged in to your Facebook account. Also if you find something you would like to share with others on social media or that you would like to print to save for later, we provide a button that will let you do all that in one spot. On the lower right side of every post you will find a small orange button called “Share”. Clicking that button brings up a menu that allows you to share the post you are currently viewing on social media as well as print or email the post.

Another great feature that we have is the Measurement Calculator. This can be used to converter all the measurements you might need while working in the kitchen with any one of our recipes. It converts from metric to standard, and vice versa. In addition we feel that the Culinary Quotes, found on the right side of every page, is a nice bonus that can give you some inspiration, not just in terms of cooking but also in everyday life. There is a link to our entire quotes archive in that location as well. The login and registration, and the link to the administration of your own account if you already have one, appear in the top right of the website in the black bar.

Also note that there is a' site wide' search engine available on the right side of the main navigation bar where we have' harnessed' the power of Google to provide the best site search capabilities possible. So should you have trouble finding anything that you would expect to be on our website, don’t hesitate to give the search engine a try.' We also have an About page that delves into further detail about the origins of our website and it’s purpose. In addition to that we also have a Contact page where our visitors can contact the FilipinoChow.com administrators directly. Feel free to send us any questions or comments that you may have or even share a recipe with us if you like. We would be happy to work with you to get your Recipe published.

We hope you will enjoy your time here at FilipinoChow.com and if there is anything we can do to make your experience here better, don’t hesitate to let us know.' Now join us and embark on a journey into a world of culinary delights that started in the Philippines then spanned the entire globe. See the sights, smell the aromas, and savor the flavors. Kainan na!


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