Sushi at Thai Basil off West Bay in Clearwater Florida

This has been a local favorite for our family ever since we first discovered this little gem. There is a lot of competition for Thai food in the Tampa Bay area. But rest assured, if you choose this for your Thai food fix, you will be enjoying the best of the best. They have a full sushi bar, beautiful interior decorated with all sorts of interesting Thai knick knacks, and best of all, they have some of the best, most authentic Thai food you will find in this part of the world. The Amazing Chicken in Penang curry sauce is my usual pick. It is out of this world. I usually substitute the broccoli for mixed vegetables. The staff is always accommodating for special requests like that. The Pad Thai is outstanding as well, but I have never had anything bad here whenever I elect to venture outside of my usual favorites. Just add one of their specialty sushi rolls and some hot Sake. I’m in heaven. I never leave here without leftovers either, because the portions are very generous. Some people get fussy about the sometimes slow service and the odd hours here, but I feel that it’s worth being patient when you know the food will be excellent. Just try not to go when you are super hungry if a little wait is big problem for you. It’s a friendly, family run place that’s well worth being patient for.

Date: 6/16/2019

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