Buko Juice

Buko juice, also known as coconut water, is another refreshing and popular drink that is commonly sold on the streets or in restaurants in the Philippines. The coconut meat can be used for desserts such as buko salad, buko pandan. In the Philippine provinces, some use both the coconut meat and coconut water combined with milk and crackers. It is very delicious and a perfect mid-day snack. This is a very healthy drink during the summertime as well. Healthy in the sense that it contains a lot of electrolytes and minerals needed for hydration. It is all natural and environmentally friendly. Because of its nutrients, it is becoming a popular sports drink in America and can be found sold in cans. It is being promoted as an alternative natural sports drink because in it’s natural form it contains the essential electrolytes and minerals. So, before you buy that unhealthy soda or even that high priced sports drink you are craving, try Buko juice instead as an alternative. It will definitely quench your thirst.


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